NEPHEWBLAQ's interview from a local newspaper

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NEPHEWBLAQ's interview from a local newspaper

Post  orlando's finest on Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:07 pm

So what’s up Nephewblaq? Let’s go’ve been about as big as any underground Florida rapper this past year, you’ve gotten some good play off your single “Mr. SWAGADOCIOUS”, worked with the world famous DJ SMALLZ, released a Mixtape, an album, buzz in the space coast, and your name all over the internet. What else are you up to? Just trying to get me and my label off the ground homie.

I heard the Mixtape "Sponsored by the Streetz".. it's sick!!! How did you collab with Dj SMALLZ? Smallz is the truth. I observed what promotional tools other Dj’s use to push artists and I felt Smallz was just up-to-date on his shit. My A&R, Brian Stevens put me down with Smallz. He said Smallz was the way to go…so I rolled with it homie!!

What are your favorite songs on the Mixtape? Honestly I like them all. I don’t really have a favorite; I will leave that up to the public and the media. You know people like you LOL…I prefer the more deep records with concepts and substance like “This Is My Life”…I wouldn’t call it a favorite though because it depends on the mood of the day and my vibe that moment in the studio!!

What inspired you to write the songs on the album? Various situations I have experienced personally or observed during my current life cycle. I write what I feel. Every human being on this earth no matter man or women has feelings. If you write what you feel, people will be able to relate to it. When you start to fabricate that’s when you lose the consumers attention.

You have some videos all over the internet right now; how did manage to make so many professional videos underground? I carefully selected the right team of people to work with. I like new-comers. I’m the type of artist that wants to hear that new producer who underground making beats. Everything I do is professional. I want the majors to know all we need is a feasible budget and distribution. We can get everything else done ourselves. I think I have made that pretty obvious to the industry folks and the in Da streets folks.

I noticed at a show some fans singing line for line your verses? They can relate to the message homie. I have lived life from every angle. I will explain that premise when you here my new album dropping in the fall “Grace of God” …can’t let that out the bag right now homie!! Why do you think the streetz are feeling your message? A simple cliché message that you have probably heard over the years “Real Recognize Real”!! I’m all about the right shit homie…I don’t even listen to people out my left ear cause I’m all about the right shit LOL!!

Ok, I know you run the streetz of the space coast, but for the people who don’t know.. Where is the space coast? I wouldn’t say I run the streetz of the space coast. It’s not even like that homie. There’s thousands of real cats out here on the coast. If I ran the streetz I wouldn’t need to rap because I would own all the major roads and highways LOL!! Just put it like this…the streetz can relate to the music and the hood respect my grind. I’m originally from Orlando but I moved out to the coast so I could be closer to I95 south. Reasons why? We will leave that to the birds and I mean that literally LOL!

How did you come up with the name Nephewblaq? Honestly homie I just came up with it. I just woke up one day and said this name represents me. I didn’t have a list of names or nothing like that. I just said I’m NEPHEWBLAQ and I stuck with it.

What lessons have you learned so far in the rap game? Be patient. There’s an old saying that good things come to those who wait. This business is all about timing. As an artist you have to be mentally/physically prepared when it’s your time. God has favor on everybody. When its time for him to place his favor on you…be prepared to work and receive it. Right now I’m prepared. I have been crafting music over 12 years now.

How do you feel about the state of the game? The game right now is a fresh slice of hamburger meat. The raw shit right out the pack. I mean the pink meat. These labels taking a piece of meat and putting all kinds of salt, pepper, onions, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc on these artists music. Major labels follow a music formula. That’s why you see all these rappers on these pre-made ready to go singles. The singles are crafted by two-individuals in the game right now. I don’t speak on other artist names…but if you’re a real music head you’ll understand what I’m saying. Then they package it up to sell and nobody wants to eat it. The majors got to understand that the music business change trends. It’s not like McDonalds. People will always eat the Big Mac. People will not always purchase the same single from multiple/different artists. What’s your favorite restaurant homie and what do you like to eat? The Grand Cafe. I like the sirloin steaks. I’m pretty sure you have eaten there plenty of times because you like the steak there serving you…its good!! Therefore you go there an purchase a meal. The same concept applies to the music industry. If you don’t like what an artist is serving you…..your not going to purchase there music.

Why should a major label sign you? I don’t require much. I don’t do this for money. I love to make music. I would still do it if you made no money from making music. I have already obtained financial abundance. Right now as I speak to you…personally I have everything I want. I got the 2 story crib now with a balcony overlooking the lake. I got hot whips. I got jewelry. I got all the shit these cats out here rapping to achieve. I have that now. I don’t perpetrate. 90% of these rappers out here broke. I know cats with record deals…that don’t have no $$$.

What artists do you listen to? I don’t speak on other artist. I listen to everybody. But I will never say another artist name unless I have met them personally first. Right now I’m listening to John Coffee, Lil Bruh and Gator Blak.

How can the audience get a copy of your Mixtape? They can check the MySpace page or they can get it from datpiff Mixtape website.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Hopefully alive and healthy. Life is fragile. People passing everyday fam. Musically I want to have put out 5-7 albums on a major label.

How can somebody get in contact with you?
Booking/Shows Contact: 321-449-5313 … Brian or TaneQua will gladly assist you!!

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