Role of a Mastering Engineer

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Role of a Mastering Engineer

Post  DERST on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:10 pm

What is mastering? Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring the source with the recorded mix to a data storage device or a master. This is done to make copies from the source using duplication or pressing. Why mastering is performed? mastering engineering is done to make the soundtrack professional. A non-mastered track is way behind the mastered one, in terms of quality and effect. If the track is to be released for commercial purposes, it has to grab the attention of the masses. This is possible only if the sound quality is good and professional. The professional quality of a sound track is possible only if it is worked upon by a mastering engineer. The mastering engineer has years of experience listening to various audio tracks that enables him to master the sound track perfectly. By listening to the song, the mastering engineer can quickly trace the deficiencies and the drawbacks of a sound track. The mastering services are provided either to correct the drawbacks of a track or to make it sound sweeter. Some of the musicians may consider the services of a mastering engineer, as of not-much-use. They feel that if the prior phases of music making have been done correctly, one can forego the mastering stage. However there is little truth in this. Mastering is done by engineers who have specialized knowledge in the field of mastering and know how to improve the effect of the sound. It is sometimes difficult for the recording engineers to detect small nuances of song, which may hamper the quality of song. This is due to the constant hearing of the song by the engineers. In such a scenario, the services of a mastering engineer may prove valuable. The mastering engineer lends fresh ears to the song and can make a marked contribution to the song..


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