Its been sooooo long Orlando, how you been? by Laz??

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Its been sooooo long Orlando, how you been?  by Laz?? Empty Its been sooooo long Orlando, how you been? by Laz??

Post  ElliotMartinez on Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:58 pm

Most of y'awl might remember me as Lazirus . My name is really E. Martinez , and though I have kept in contact with many of you, I lost touch with many more. For those of you who dont know me, I was a member of the Full impact all-starz yearssss ago along side such great talent as Treal, Atiba, Wes Fif, Lady Lyric, Fidel Cashflow, DJ Skream and K-ozz, Neicy D, Jade Foxx, Dj valor and DJ agony. (damn mad mofo's!). I've bumped into a lot of cats this year and its been nothing but love. Its been a while since I checked around the boards, but if you dont know me, I'm always down to kick it and chit chat, build and network, collab and just talk music. I help in any way I can at all times.

I wanted to share some recent material with you. this is the most recent video, "Think Deeper"
It might seem like a lot of conspiracy, and to a small degree i did capitalize on the whole Illuminati shit because people buy into it. But its about much more. I'm venting out and sharing my thoughts and views on the subject, and I'm reflecting on the days of hiphop that made me fall in love with it, as well as recognizing how hard artist are starting to work to bring it back to its glory, im rhyming about how we lost control to some degree, and how we need to take it back.

just my views, check it out.


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