What's good Orlando -- allow me to introduce myself;

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What's good Orlando -- allow me to introduce myself; Empty What's good Orlando -- allow me to introduce myself;

Post  BlakkVI on Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:07 pm

What's good the name is Koffee Blakk, Virgin Island born-and-raised, official repsentative of TNS (The Next Shit). Been in Orlando for a minute, but only now getting around to posting up with the fellow local artist in the area. I'd be lying if I said some of you have heard of me, but then again, you never know with way things are. Regardless, expect to see my name around a lot more often as I get on the proverbial grind. Very few people do what I do, I pride myself on never allowing my craft to get pigeonholed by one genre. From Hip Hop to R&B to Soft Rock/Acoustic Music to even Funk. Music has literally been my life from the days of the church choir. Influences ranging from Bone Thugs N Harmony to 2 Pac, and more.

Just finished up my 4th album ("Koffee Blakk - V.I.King"), so expect to see that around everywhere from Downtown Orlando, to Lake Mary..shit, basically whereever the whip takes me as long as I got CDs on me, you'll be seeing me. ALSO, I want to start working with other local artists as well. I'm a beast at the hook game, if you don't believe that you can visit my music page (www.myspace.com/blakkvi), or even hit me on the SK and I'll send you more shit to listen to further prove the fact. So if you got a hit, but you're missing that hook that would make it a smash? Hit me up (blakkidd@tmail.com, koffdrop.vi@gmail.com, hell follow a nigga on twitter if you want to, www.twitter.com/BlakkVI).

So wrap this shit up, again, Koffee Blakk is the name, www.myspace.com/blakkvi is the website to check the music, blakkidd@tmail.com is the quickest way to holla @ me.

1ne, and keep it moving Orlando.


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