Rocwell: Post a 16 bar verse - back to the basics

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Rocwell: Post a 16 bar verse - back to the basics

Post  Rocwell on Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:19 am

If I had my own world -With ya'll living in it
I'll kick you out like some broke azz tenants get it?
It's been a quick minute - fuck it a life time
The right nigga is here writing the right rhymes
Renaissance in here floading the pipelines
With so many guns - you'd think we're here to fight crime
This mystery man - is something like the night time
Even with the a light shine - I'll flair and it might blind
Fire -only recite what my heart desires
Valued in the streets like rolling on stolen tires
Wired - you wanna flow but you look tired
Shows over like promoters tryna book Mariah
I'm going off road with this ROC is Hum-V
Can't slow me down like fat girls when they bungie
It's like I run deep, whenever my tongue speak
I'm married to this game with children like Al Bundy



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